Due to lack of Financial supporters, Pesobit had to partner with TOA in order for the project to become reality. Pesobit only gathered around 30K USD during its ICO. Less than half of it was left after paying the initial team members and the escrow. With around 12K USD left with the founder, it was used on the following: Coinomi listing, Exchange listing, Coinpayments listing, Basic office setup for business registrations, VMoney and GiftedPH partnership etc. Though the community helped in raising the funds in CCex listing by discounted buying of Pesobit from the development fund, 12k USD wont be enough in all other expenses as we all know that all the other expenses mentioned above will be very expensive. It is also hard to look for people who will work for the project for free or Pesobit payment as in every project you need to have Marketing team for partnerships and bigger tech team consisting of several web developers. Business partnerships as well require further business registrations registered to SEC which will require further expense not to mention ocassional contract review with a lawyer. But instead of totally giving up on Pesobit due to lack of fund for the operations and projects, a partnership with TOA has to be made. With this, all Pesobits will be swapped to TOA during the time when both has equal FIAT value. Though TOA now has increased in FIAT value, Pesobit users are still dissatisfied with what happened probably because TOA has way bigger volume than Pesobit. But if TOA has the same volume with Pesobit, TOA will be priced way higher than PSB as well meaning a 1:1 swap won't happen. If TOA has the same volume with PSB, TOA price will be more than 200x than that of PSB due to investors money poured into it meaning the swap will be 220 PSB : 1 TOA if their circulating volume is the same since TOA investors invested 200x more than PSB investors. With the partnership, PSB developer became a TOA CTO or Chief Technical Officer to make sure all projects will push through given the budget of TOA management. For further concerns, kindly email support@toacoin.com or visit www.toacoin.com for more info.